Wednesday, 16 October 2013

PayPal takeaways - pay for pizza the easy way

Out of cash, but want to order some food online? No need to worry - most of us will have a PayPal account and you can pay for food on Dominos pizza or using PayPal.

There's more than seven thousand takeaway restaurants combined between the 2 websites mentioned above that will accept PayPal.

We call them PayPal takeaways as that's what they do - still accept cash and all the major debit and credit cards, but do PayPal as well.

Cook your takeaway meals at home

Cooking your favorite takeaway meals at home isn't that difficult. All you need is a decent guide and there's plenty of step by step recipes online on YouTube for example. Doing it the old skool is also an option - books have been around for centuries and you can still get a decent cookery book from shops. There's also a good choice of takeaway recipe books around so that you can cook your Chinese, Indian or make the most wonderful pizzas at home.

One of our absolute favorite books is "How to Cook Your Favourite Takeaways at Home: The Food You Like to Eat When You Want to Eat it - at Less Cost and with More Goodness" which gives easy-to-make versions of favourite fast foods. Terrific idea for a cookbook.

It's written by Carolyn Humphries - she has been a journalist and food writer for over 30 years. She has written for many women s, health, lifestyle and education magazines and is the author of over 60 books. She is keen to encourage people to eat a healthy, balanced diet. This book reflects her belief that cookery is not a mystical science but something everyone can do, following sensible, straightforward instructions.