Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Islington - the most restaurants on one street

It is said that Islington's 1 mile (1.6 km) long Upper Street, extending northwards from the Angel, has more bars and restaurants than any other street in the United Kingdom.

There's certainly lots of takeaways in Islington that we know of. The area around Angel tube station is sometimes considered a district in its own right: The Angel, Islington. The northern part of this area (from the Liverpool Road junction northwards) is within the district of Islington, while the southern half is in neighbouring Finsbury. The area below Penton Street and east of Pentonville Road is the adjoining district of Pentonville.

Takeaways we really love are Xing Mao and Sorrento Pizza on  St. Paul's Road.

Monday, 25 November 2013

West Yorkshire finest takeaways

Leeds is currently the third largest city in the England and largest in West Yorkshire. The extensive retail area of Leeds is identified as the principal regional shopping centre for the whole of the Yorkshire and the Humber region and approximately 3.2 million people live within its catchment area. There are a number of indoor shopping centres in the centre of the city, including the Merrion Centre, St John's Centre, The Core, the Victoria Quarter, The Light, the Corn Exchange and Trinity Leeds. This obviously means booming restaurant and takeaway business as well.

Our favorite pizza takeaways in Leeds are Zizou Italian Cuisine and Oscar's on Woodsley Road.

The city centre has a large pedestrian zone. Briggate is the main shopping street where one can find many well-known British High street stores

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chinese takeaways in Edinburgh

Edinburgh as a capital of Scotland has got plenty of takeaways to choose from. Similar to the rest of Scotland and the UK, Chinese cuisine is in the top 3 most popular takeaways. We have shortlisted just a  few that are our firm favorite and that's got the best reviews from locals.

Yocoko Noodle Bar on the South Bridge Street and Taste of China on Gilmore Place in Edinburgh are definitely worth trying out.

The locale around Princes Street is the main shopping area in the city centre, with souvenir shops, chain stores such as Boots the Chemist, H&M and Jenners. George Street, north of Princes Street, is the preferred location for some upmarket shops and independent stores, restaurants and takeaways.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Pizza and other takeaways in Liverpool

Liverpool a largest city in Merseyside, England with over half a million people living in the city these days and more than a million in the whole of the Merseyside.

Liverpool has a thriving and varied nightlife, with the majority of the city's late night bars, pubs, takeaways, nightclubs, live music venues and comedy clubs being located in a number of distinct districts. A 2011 TripAdvisor poll voted Liverpool as having the best nightlife of any UK city, ahead of Manchester, Leeds and even London.

There's also that rivalry between Anfield and Everton that divides the city into two halves.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Any takeaways open late in Sheffield?

Closed Sign outside a takeaway shop
Living in Sheffield? How often do you ask yourself this question after a night out in clubs and bars on Friday or Saturday? Well this list of takeaways in Sheffield can provide some answers to your question.

There will be quite a few takeaways who will not only be open for orders after midnight, but will also deliver it to you at home - that is if you know where it is and you can get there after a pub crawl.

The main shopping areas in the city centre are on The Moor precinct, Fargate, Orchard Square and the Devonshire Quarter. Department stores in the city centre include John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Atkinsons and Debenhams. Sheffield's main market is the Castle Market, built above the remains of the castle. Shopping areas outside the city centre include the Meadowhall shopping centre and retail park, Ecclesall Road, London Road, Hillsborough, Firth Park and the Crystal Peaks shopping centre.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Which are the biggest pizza takeaway networks in UK

With pizza still one of the most popular takeaways in UK ranking in the top three alongside Chinese and Indian takeaways - there are some big players in the market mostly from the United States. The likes of Domino's, Papa John's and Pizza Hut has probably around 2/3 of the whole UK pizza delivery market. These are not the cheapest pizzas you can order, but definitely the quality and consistency beats the competition on most days.

There's up and coming competition from British owned pizza chains like Pizza GoGo, Caspian Pizza and few others which can't compete with the big US brands on the number of franchises, but can certainly compete with the quality of food and the price.

UK pizza delivery market is huge and is also facing a fierce competition from frozen supermarket pizza which has gained more popularity in recent years.