Saturday, 13 September 2014

Mancunian alert! New takeaways in Manchester

If it's one of those nights again when you fancy yourself a big slice of thin wood oven fired pizza slice then you might need to look into a shortlist of takeaways in Manchester we've put here.

What to look for when you order a pizza or calzone is reviews from previous customers and delivery time. If they tell you that they use wood fired oven then that's even better as you'll see the difference in taste straight away.

Here's a sample menu from Pizza di Roma @  Hollingwood Avenue. The choice of toppings and combinations are endless:

Margherita - Cheese & tomato
Garlic Margherita - Cheese, garlic & tomato
Roma - Ham & mushroom
Milano - Pepperoni & mushroom
Hawaiian - Ham & pineapple
Pepperoni - Cheese, tomato & pepperoni
Caribbean - Sweetcorn, red onions & pineapple
Farmhouse - Ham, mushroom & pineapple
Chicken Tikka - Chicken tikka
Chilli Con Carne - Spicy beef & green chilli
Al Funghi - Mushrooms & cheese
Spicy Beef - Cheese, spicy beef & red onions
Salami - Cheese & salami
Chicken Eater - Sweetcorn, chicken, red onions, pepper & mushroom
American Hot - Pepperoni, red onions, green peppers & jalapeno
Mexican Hot - Spicy beef, red onions, jalapenos & green peppers
Vegetarian - Sweetcorn, red onions, mushroom, green peppers & fresh tomatoes
Tonno - Tuna & sweetcorn
Roma Donner - Donner meat
Chef's Special - Mushroom, green peppers, salami & chicken tikka
BBQ - BBQ sauce, BBQ chicken, onions & green peppers
Sausage Supreme - Pepperoni, salami, ham & sausage
Pepperoni Passion - Extra pepperoni & extra mozzarella
Hot & Spicy - Garlic, spicy beef, pepperoni, smoky sausage & jalapeno
Steak Special - Steak sauce, steak strips, red onions & sweetcorn
Smokey BBQ - BBQ sauce, smokey sausage, chicken, red onions & sweetcorn
Seafood - Tuna, prawns, anchovies & red onions
Meat Balls - Swedish meat balls, red onions, mushroom & green peppers
Roma Special - Sweetcorn, chicken tikka, pepperoni, red onions, mushroom, pineapple & green peppers
Meat Feast - Spicy beef, chicken, pepperoni, ham & donner meat
Full House - All topping excluding fish

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