Thursday, 27 December 2018

Pizza delivery in Gdansk, Poland - best pizzerias in Gdansk

Gdansk is Poland's principal seaport and the centre of the country's fourth-largest metropolitan area. Parts of the historic old city of Gdańsk, which had suffered large-scale destruction during the war, were rebuilt during the 1950s and 1960s. The reconstruction was not tied to the city's pre-war appearance, but instead was politically motivated as a means of culturally cleansing and destroying all traces of German influence from the city. Boosted by heavy investment in the development of its port and three major shipyards for Soviet ambitions in the Baltic region, Gdańsk became the major shipping and industrial center.
Italian pizza

Being such a big city and with a large sea port there's bound to be a good selection of restaurants and pizza places in Gdansk. The city doesn't disappoint. We recommend visiting Oliwa Do Ognia on the Garncarska street. There's excellent reviews online about the place like:
"Nice small pizzeria. Crust was thin, crisp and probably the best I have had. We have tried other pizzerias in Gdansk and this one is the One where we will go again."

Also worth a visit is La Famiglia Pizza on Lektykarska street. Good quality pizza and priced really well too. Authentic Italian experience in Gdansk that's not to be missed. Review like this one speak for itself:
"I'm traveling in Eastern Europe for about 5 weeks and so never expected to only eat Eastern European food. After all, I don't eat American food every day. This pizza was one of the best meals I had in Gdansk. The crust was so light and thin, it was amazing. The waiter said it was going to take 40 minutes to be prepared, but it barely took half that long. If you want a change from Polish food, try this place - you won't be sorry (well - unless you like thick doughy pizza, I guess!)."

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Pizza joints in London to visit

Begin spreading the news: for a recognize that is no less than a six-hour flight from Manhattan, this little joint amidst Chiswick has, shockingly, nailed it. The wood-let go pizzas are epic – thin and fresh, with chewy outside layers, and graced with layers of sharp tomato sauce, overflowing mozzarella and a delectable chaos of garnishes. Pick a X-expansive, and you can go creamer on fixings. The Beast is brilliantly hot and substantial, piled with pepperoni, smoked ham and hotdog.

Charging itself as a 'superveloce Italiana', this mechanical looking flask truly serves pizza right now. A blazing ringer summoned us to the counter to gather our own under four minutes subsequent to requesting. The menu records every one of the works of art nearby a few later outsiders, for example, the bianca, free of tomato and with extraordinary rosemary and garlic sharpness. Prepared in the huge igloo-like broiler, the pizza bases we attempted were consistently thin and light with a fresh outside layer.

This pocket-sized pizzeria puts genuine heart into its offerings. Proprietors Angelo and Pasquale, discovering no place in London to coordinate the pizza of their childhood, begin reproducing a cut of Naples in W5. Everything from the wood-let go broiler to the Caputo flour is imported; the delicately salted batter is given a 24-hour rise; the tomatoes smashed by hand. Also, fortunate west London – Santa Maria has opened a moment stonking branch in Walham Green.

Sodo's look is somewhat unpleasant around the edges. However, it's the pizza, obviously, that is the genuine draw. Margheritas never have a considerable measure to hole up behind and our own here was eminent: the Neapolitan­-style sourdough (Sodo, geddit?) base was thin, fresh, flavorful, and finished with good­ quality tomato, mozzarella and new basil. The 'winter goat' was far and away superior, with goat's cheddar, walnuts, caramelized onions and olives scattered generously.

Theo's is a comparable set-up to any semblance of Franco Manca, dishing up Neapolitan-style sourdough pizzas and next to no else. In any case, this joint has made itself the crown pie-ruler of Camberwell, with outsides that are delicate and chewy to finish everything and fresh underneath. Garnishes incorporate aubergine, anchovies and different sorts of pork – and come heaped high. Pies extend in cost from £6.50 for the margherita to £10 for meatier alternatives.

Voodoo Ray's initially become famous by serving truly delectable pizza by-the-cut to alcoholic Dalston revelers. The hours are more early-morning than late-night, the cuts are monstrous, and the menu peruses like an aesthetic corrosive outing. The King Tubby offers an innovative blend of fennel-injected wiener, fresh kale and caramelized onion. Or on the other hand vegetarians can eat their hearts out with a Queen Vegan crosswise over Dalston, Camden and Shoreditch branches.

Opened by Highbury local people Gianluca and Claudio, Zia Lucia serves up an out-dated Italian family devour in a contemporary setting. Diverse batters give the menu its USP: there's a delightfully nutty wholemeal alternative, a noteworthy looking vegetable charcoal one, and even a without gluten hull. Fixings are for the most part the all the more intriguing works of art – 'nduja, aubergines, broccoli and bit ham (not at the same time) – in addition to a couple of haute Italian choices as well.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Mejores pizzerías en Marbella

Me sorprendía que había otros sitios al lado que estaban vacíos. Llegue a la conclusión de q el producto y la motivación del personal habían conseguido el éxito . Las pizzas están muy buenas por cierto.

Buena calidad y buen servicio. Siempre lleno hay que hacer cola casi siempre. Las raciones son muy abundantes, ideal para compartir.

Solo probamos las pizzas en Marbella y estaban muy buenas, se veían platos abundantes y con buena pinta en las demás mesas, por el sitio en el que está tiene muy buen precio, no es para una cena romántica pero esta muy bien si te apetece comer comida italiana de calidad a buen precio 

Voy siempre y nunca me han decepcionado, no importa cual sea la ocasión (almuerzo familiar, cumpleaños, cena con amigos)..
Atendido por sus dueños que hacen que sus clientes se sientan como en casa.
Y doy fe de que las pizzas (como toda la comida que sirven) son caceras porque he tenido la oportunidad de ver como las hacen.
Las milanesas de pollo son las mas grandes que he visto!
Buen ambiente, buena comida, buena música..

Conocido desde hace años, es una muy buena opción en el centro de Marbella para disfrutar de pizza, pasta y buena carne. Las Milanesas (con hasta 5 tipos distintos) es otra de sus especialidades. Precios muy asequibles y moderados.